Kate York, European Regional Director writes:
I am delighted to announce that we have managed to secure an absolutely top-rate speaker for the European Breakfast in New York, on Friday 27 July.
He is Barry Moreno, author, historian and freelance speaker. He is based at the reference library at the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island Immigration Museum in New York City.  He knows just about all there is to know about the history of people from Europe when they arrived at Ellis Island, on their way to a new life in the USA.
If you Google his name, you will see for yourself how many books Barry has written!  One particularly interesting one which caught my attention is:

Barry was recommended to me by Ann  Walker, a New York member of DKG.  It has been quite a challenge to make contact with him, but we have succeeded and I know he is a great speaker.  I hope this will be an event for you to look forward to at the International Convention.  Please tell other members and encourage them to sign-up for the breakfast so that we have a good audience to hear Barry speak to us.
If you’re going to New York, this is something not to be missed!