On behalf of DKG Germany we’d like to extend a heartfelt

to all who were involved in making this conference a succes with its events such as:

  • the workshops, seminars and keynote speeches, namely those by Prof. Carl Parsons, Prof. Dr. Ch. Pfeiffer*, B. Schindelhauer and B. Ragnarsdóttir

  • the festivities at Sportschule Steinbach itself, at the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden and the Bürgerhaus in Bühl

  • the Mayor’s reception and the guided tours in Baden-Baden

  • the tours to Strasbourg, the European Capital, as well as to Heidelberg, Freiburg, the Black Forest/Alpirsbach and the post-conference cruise on the Neckar and Rhine, and alongside the Mosel

  • the stay at Südbadische Sportschule Steinbach and the neighbouring hotels

  • the entertainment with music and presentations, especially ‘Vetterliswirtschaft’, Susanne Fink and Martina Franzus and Trachtengruppe Ottenhöfen.

… and a special thanks to the many hands behind the scenes!

Kate York, Reg. Director
Brigitte Wichmann, Conference Chair
Monika Huber, Co-Chair

* Please click here for the texts Prof. Pfeiffer promised at the end of his speech:

"Is Male Dominance Jeopardizing the Survival of the Human Race?" in English / in German.

"Media Use, School Achievement and the Crisis in Boys Performance" in English.