Exchange Program

How private exchange between the members of Delta Kappa Gamma can extend the opportunity for travel and friendship

A. Members offer hospitality to another Delta Kappa Gamma member

• She characterizes the town and the surroundings and what possibilities they offer.
• Length of stay: usually a maximum of one week
• The host provides accommodations and breakfast – there should normally be no other expenses
• The host provides the possibility to meet her chapter and/or meet other chapter members

B. One member is looking for a host and explains her special wishes – for instance she wants to improve her language skills or do some research work
• She fills in the form which will be passed on to Gamma Chapter, Germany
• She gets in touch with her host and they settle all the points concerning the stay.
• The guest could also offer to contribute to the next chapter meeting.

C. In the same way a chapter could establish contact with an other

If you are interested in such an exchange program please click here for an application form (pdf) and send it to christa.dunker-hopferwieser(at)