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Sharing Our Vision
Strenghtening Our Society
Beverly Helms has been nominated as DKG International President 2012-2014. Here is her acceptance speech, July 28th 2012:
What an amazing convention we have had. Thank you, again, New York members and each one who contributed. Dr. Jensi Souders iterated the progress we have made. We must build on it as we continue to address our challenges. Cynthia Barton Rabe, an innovation strategist and author of The Innovation Killer, says we cannot let what we know limit what we can imagine. She warns organizations against struggling with a paradox of expertise, in which deep knowledge of what exists in an organization makes it harder to consider what - if strategies.
She writes, “Sometimes best practice, and other corner stones of an organization’s success may become millstones that threaten to sink it.” As DKG members, we cherish our ways and customs but, it may be helpful to look at our organization as if we are seeing it for the first time.

Sarah Sladek, author and founder of XYZ University, helps organizations remain relevant to future generations. In her book, The End of Membership as We Know it, she suggested steps that organizations should consider for continued growth in a changing market. I want to share a few.

First, we must continue to find our focus. We must continue to ask ourselves, why we exist. Can we define with clarity our reason for being?