State Meeting 2012

Leipzig, 18 th – 20th  May 2012

Name, first name ____________________________________________________

Guest     ____________________________________________________

Address : ___________________________________________________________            

 phone  .: ___________________           E-mail: _____________________________

Please book the rooms yourself (see invitation)
The booking number is: 120040428 (please do mention when booking)

Free telephone number from abroad:  00800 8 330 330


Commundo Hotel Leipzig

Zschochersche Straße 69, 04229 Leipzig

phone: 00 800 8330 330 fax: 00800 8330 331

The rooms are reserved until 20th April 2012

Arrival:          Day : ______        Time:  ________     Place: ____________________

Departure:   Day: ______        Time :  ________  

O by car         O other

Staying at hotel :                                         O yes               O no


Programme  Friday, 18th May 2012


 O   I will take part in the visit of Leipzig Zoo and in the guided visit of Pongoland“  
      with      _______ person (s) and will be at the main entrance of the Zoo at 10 a.m.

O   I will not take part (please check appropriate  box)

 Entry: 14€


O  I will take part in the guided walk  „Famous women  in Leipzig“  with
    _______    person ( s) and will be at Leipzig Central Station, west entry at 3 p.m.

O  I will not take part (please check appropriate box)

     Cost: 5 €


O I will take part with _______ person (s)

O I will not take part

in the dinner at “Auerbach’s Keller ( à la carte at own cost)

Saturday dinner at hotel : _________   guest ( s) will take part in the dinner at the conference hotel. (25€)

For German DKG members the fee is 75€, guests: 55€

The fee comprises costs for the conference facilities, lunch and dinner on Saturday and non alcoholic drinks during  the breaks.

Please register and pay by  April 1st 2012 to Delta Kappa Gamma State, Postbank Frankfurt/Main, bank account:
IBAN   DE49 5001 0060 0003 1256 09

I am transferring   ________________ € in total.




Please send the registration to:

Rosemarie Menke

Rüdesheimer Straße 29

14197 Berlin